[Ftk_hardware] Fwd: Re: IBL RODs

Mel Shochet shochet at hep.uchicago.edu
Fri Apr 29 08:57:27 CDT 2011

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Subject: 	Re: IBL RODs
Date: 	Fri, 29 Apr 2011 09:59:32 +0200
From: 	David Francis <David.Francis at cern.ch>
To: 	Mel Shochet <shochet at hep.uchicago.edu>
CC: 	Chris Bee <chris.bee at cern.ch>

Hello Mel.

Following your question (and just in case I missed something in
Oxford), I checked my understanding with the IBL project leader.
He confirms that the IBL ROD will be the VMEbus version, i.e. SLINK

Best regards,

On Apr 19, 2011, at 5:35 PM, Mel Shochet wrote:

>  Dear David and Chris,
>     As I understand it, there are two output modules being designed
>  for the IBL - a new VME version of the ROD and the SLAC RCE which is
>  ATCA based.  Our Data Formatter input obviously depends on whether
>  we receive all SLink data or also some ethernet.  Do you know when
>  the decision will be made on the choice of IBL output module?  Thanks.
>                    Regards,
>                    Mel

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