The UC standard ntuple for CDF analysis

What is it ?

The UC standard ntuple is a Column-Wise Ntuple consisting of hundreds of variables, most of which are extracted from standard CDF data common blocks such as ELEINFO.INC, DSJETS.INC, BTGSCM.INC... The list of variables includes general event, photons, electrons, muons, taus, jets (cone size R=0.4 and (R=0.7 or R=1.0)), missing Et, vertex, b-tagging as well as dilepton analysis information. As much as possible, it is intended to cover the variables required for any kind of final analysis. Variables are added in from time to time, when the Chicago group needs them for a particular analysis. The ntuple maker then gets a new version number, which is encrypted along with user talk_to info in the VERSION ntuple variable.

How to get and use the standard ntuple maker ?

The current version of the ntuple maker is v4_4. Ntuple maker source files are accessible at the University of Chicago on the uccdf cluster, in cdf_axp:[uc_cdf.stntuple.development.source]. The main source file is stntuple_hbk_fill.cdf. It requires all of the TOPFND artillery available in the development version of the standard CDF analysis program (available at fnal). In addition, stntuple_hbk_fill requires UC specific routines all available in the same area (.cdf and .inc files). (still same area) is the ntuple-maker make-file for VMS. For those who run on ALPHA/VMS (UC people in particular), the executable can be found directly in cdf_axp:[uc_cdf.stntuple.development.bin]stntuple.exe. Also an example of how to run the executable is provided in the command and UIC files named and ntuple_1b.uic (available in the CDF_AXP:[uc_cdf.stntuple.development.examples] area).

Ntuples of standard datasets on UCCDF

The maintainers of the standard ntuple maker

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