Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 10:00:47 -0700
From: Marjorie Shapiro 
Subject: Using the Run 2 generators to create files for Run 1

I have just added to the Run 2 generatorMods area a module called
FillRun1BanksModule.  This module will read the Run 2 LRIH bank and create
an LRID bank with the same information.  People who want to use the
lastest versions of the generators to finish Run 1 analysis can now do so
following the procedure below:
1. In the Run 2 environment, add the module
   to your AppUserBuild cc file
2. In your tcl file, make sure them module runs after the generator.
   Also, to make sure the necessary banks are on the output file, the
   commands to create an output file should look like this
talk FileOutput
  output create myoutput test.root
  output enable myoutput
  output path myoutput AllPath
  output keepList myoutput LRID_StorableBank EVCL_StorableBank \
  output list
(of course you can name the file whatever you want and not just test.root)
3. After running your job, you need to convert the file from root to ybos
format.  There is a prebuilt binary to do this in the bin area.  To run
it, on an sgi you do:
 $CDFSOFT2_DIR/bin/IRIX6-KCC_3_3/Edm_SeqRoot2Ybos -o test.ybs test.root
(the same thing on Linux, except the command is
$CDFSOFT2_DIR/bin/Linux2-KCC_3_3//Edm_SeqRoot2Ybos -o test.ybs test.root )
This will produce a file you can read with the Run 1 Analysis_Control.