The Run 1 Code on Linux Users' Page

The instructions below aren't quite debugged yet, but they won't get better unless people try them out and report any problems. Help us make the a_c world a better place for Linux users.


Be able to run standard Analysis Control jobs on data, including:

  • Running Monte Carlo jobs using standard generators in the Run II framework.
  • Passing the Monte Carlo through QFL.
  • Running a typical Analysis Control job on Monte Carlo or real data.
  • Using the production code on raw data.
  • Running a comprehensive data analysis application, such as ROOT.

    Getting Started

  • Installing Run 1 Linux code.
  • Getting Run 1 databases.
  • Compiling and linking your modules.
  • Using Pythia 6.x in the Run 1 framework.
  • Using Run 2 generators to create input to Run 1 QFL.
  • Bugfixes and patches.

    Help Pages

    Try reading this FAQ or try browsing through the bulletin board.

    Contact Information

    Here's how to contact us:

  • Peter Onyisi
  • Henry Frisch (773)702-7479