First Steps

2. Getting the Run 1 Databases

There are many database directories that exist on many separate machines: fnald, cdfsga, on our Univ. of Chicago VAX cluster, and now on our local Linux machine. We would like to make some "minimal subset" of the databases available and easy to install onto your Linux machine. To this end, we have also made several tar files of:
  1. The production manager database on cdfsga: prod_mgr_db.tar.gz (11.1 Mb). This gzipped tar file includes everything in the directory "/cdf/code/cdfman/p_m/production/database" on cdfsga.

  2. A "minimal" subset of the Run 1 calibration database: cdfdb.tar.gz (26.4 Mb). This database is from our local Linux machine and includes all files in the database on cdfsga in the directory "/cdf/code/cdfdb/db_data/local" as well as several additional files copied to our machine since the original "minimal" subset of the calibration database was copied to our machine from cdfsga. The tar file includes everything in the directory "/cdf/data0c/cdfdb" on our Linux machine.

  3. The run_sum database: run_sum_db.tar.gz (2.5 Mb). This database is also from our local Linux machine and came originally from cdfsga. It includes all files in the direcotry "/code/cdfsoft/run1/development/run_sum/database" on our Linux machine.

To install the run_sum and cdfdb databases:

  1. Untar the run_sum database in "$CODE/cdfsoft1/development/run_sum".
  2. Untar cdfdb wherever you like.
  3. Edit the line

    setenv CDFDB_DATA /cdf/data0c/cdfdb

    in the files run1_setup and setup.csh in $CODE/cdfsoft1/development/ups/ to match the location of cdfdb on your system.

Please contact Adam, or Henry if you have further questions.

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