Lepton Gamma Dataset

(Ntuple Version)

Lepton Photon Dataset (ntuple):
Created: November 6, 1998
Data Format: University of Chicago Standard Ntuple v5.0
Filename: lgamma.nt
Size: 3150 Blocks
Contact: Jeff Berryhill (berryhill@uccdfk.uchicago.edu)

The Ntuple version of the LGamma Dataset was stripped from the inclusive electron and muon datasets (ntuple format). The ntuple dataset consists of 79 events. These files are located on:

University of Chicago Vax Cluster: uccdfk.uchicago.edu
Directory: uccdfk$dka200:[data.cdf.ana.troy.lgamma]

Lepton Photon Dataset (dst):
Created: December 22, 1998
Data Format: DST Filename: lgamma.stra_5f Size: 12.1 Meg Contact: Troy Andre (troy@hep.uchicago.edu)

This file may be found on cdf.uchicago.edu in the directory:

Created by Troy Andre (troy@hep.uchicago.edu) December 16, 1998.