Useful Subsets of the Inclusive Lepton Datasets

(Ntuple Version)

We have generated a number of useful collections of UC standard ntuples which are ready for immediate analysis by PAW, ROOT, or your own favorite histogramming package that understands HBOOK4 column-wise ntuples.

Starting with our Run 1B inclusive electron and inclusive muon PAD files, we have created a set of ntuples corresponding to all inclusive electrons (ICEFLT) and another set corresponding to all inclusive muons (CMUFLT). These ntuples are organized by Stream A DST tape name, one for each tape (e.g., tape CCK000 gave birth to the ntuple ICEFLT_CCK000.NT). Using simple FORTRAN filters, the combined ICEFLT/CMUFLT ntuples are skimmed and merged into useful subsets. Ntuple file names and the FORTRAN filter source code are included in the links below.

These are all also on CD.

Created by Jeff Berryhill ( November 13, 1998.
Modified by Peter Onyisi ( January 20, 2000.