Ever had a problem using FTP to get files from UNIX (for example CDFSGA)?

For example:

CDFSGA.FNAL.GOV>get ggmb_29.pad ggmb_29.pad

However, when you try to ACDUMP you get

Filename(s): [Text List]: GGMB_29.PAD;1
%CDFEL-w: ANRRIN 4-JUL-96 17:10:16
Run 0 Event 0
Error opening input file: GGMB_29.PAD;1
%FOR-F-INCRECTYP, inconsistent record type!/ unit !SL file !AS!/ user PC!XL
%NONAME-W-NOMSG, Message number 00000000
%NONAME-W-NOMSG, Message number 00000000

The solution is to use the "backup" data type with ftp. You can't transfer pads in ascii mode. The vax also asserts funny blocking to data which it doesn't know any better about. You should use the FTP mode reserved for VAX backup savesets. That causes

1) a binary transfer
2) the correct block size at the Vax destination

So do the following

CDFSGA.FNAL.GOV>type backup
CDFSGA.FNAL.GOV>get ggmb_29.pad ggmb_29.pad

This information is from Bob Blair at Argonne (July 1996)