Cosmic Datasets

(Ntuple Version)

Cosmic Dataset:
Created: October 15, 1998
Data Format: University of Chicago Standard Ntuple v5.0
Size: 11 Meg
Contact: Troy Andre (

Andrew Scott (UCLA) made a .pad file of about 2200 events satisfying selection cuts (see CDF 4539) and were flagged as cosmics by their filter. A v5.0 ntupleversion of Andrew's cosmic sample was created and is located on two systems:

University of Chicago Vax Cluster:
Directory: uccdfk$dka200:[data.cdf.ana.troy.cosmics]

University of Chicago Unix Cluster:
Directory: data/cdf0a/troy/cosmics

The .log files for the Inclusive Electron, Inclusive Muon, and Cosmic Datasets are save on both the Vax and Unix Clusters (uccdfk$dka200:[data.cdf.ana.troy.log] and data/cdf0a/troy/inclusives/log directories, respectively). (Cosmic log filenames: cosmic_dilsel.log.)

Created by Troy Andre ( November 1, 1998.