A collection of some of the 'lore that you need to know to make your analysis work:

The pitfalls that Dave, Jeff, Ray and Marcus found in TOPFND.

Subtleties in Photon energy calculation in conjunction with the standard ntuple that Dave & Jeff found (Jun 12, 96).

Problems with handling z-vertices in ELEFND for Photon events , Dave (Jun 12, 96).

Random Number package:
The more recent Monte Carlos (e.g. PYTHIA 5.7, SPYTHIA) are interfaced to the CDF Random Number package (R_N). Here is some info on how to use it; especially on how to set the random number seeds:

A link to the CDF offline information on cdfsga.

created by Marcus Hohlmann (hohlmann@uccdf.uchicago.edu) May 12, 1996