Generating W --> tau + nu with Pythia

This is a tcl file that generates W's exclusively (MSEL=0 , msub=2) and then only lets them decay into tau + nu (mdme=208).
Production was done without the Silicon Clustering Module.
Here is the tcl file used for ntupling.

A sample decay table:

(The leftmost decay in blue is the tau)

Here is where the files (100,000 events) are stored:

cdfSim: data17a/wtaunu_cdfSim.root (generated with 3.18.05)
Production: data17a/wtaunu_prod.root (generated with 3.18.0int5)
Stnmaker: data17a/wtaunu_ntupled.root (ntupled with 4.0.0)

Created 9/2001