Generating W -> Anything With Pythia

Here is a tcl file using the basic MSEL=12 Pythia routine. It will create a root file in your results directory called w_cdfSim.root.

This is the tcl for the stntupler.

100,000 event files:

(using 3.17.04)

File Generated by: Stored In:
cdfSim /data17a/w_cdfSim.root (generated by 3.17.04)
Production /data17a/w_prod.root (produced by 4.0.0)

cdfSim /data1a/wjcottre/practice/Pythia/results/wj_cdfSimC_1960.root
Production /data1a/wjcottre/practice/Pythia/results/wj_cdfSimC_prod.root

Created 8/2001