Generating, Production, and Standard Ntupling

Basic steps for generating with Pythia

Be careful of typos....remember that capitalization does change commands

Running Production

> cd ~cdfsoft/dist/releases
>ls // check to make sure 3.16.0 is in directory
>cd 3.16.0
>ls // check to make sure if Production is in directory
>cd Production
>ls // to make sure ProductionExe.tcl is in Production directory
>cp ProductionExe.tcl yourdirectoryname's path
> ProductionExe ProductionExe.tcl -i filename -o prod.root // where filename is the file that was produced when you generated using pythia and prod.root is the input file that you renamed in the run_stnmaker.tcl file

After production is finished you can ntuple. Note that your "filename"
which you are running production on need not have a .root suffix, although
it will if it is produced as in the steps above.

Standard Ntupling

> stnmaker.exe run_stnmaker_mc.tcl
This ntuples the events....after this is completed, you can look at the input file through event display
> evd prod.root
this will allow you to view the data through pretty graphs...!

How to Ntuple WITHOUT running production first