Converting MadGraph to UCNtuple

This is a simple document to tell you how to take a MadGraph file (*.dat) with helicity information and run it all the way through Simulation, Production and the Flat Ntupler.

First download mc.tar.gz and untar it in your working directory. It contains a few scripts and .tcl files needed to follow these instructions. Specifically, it contains the files:

cdf32:/cdf/data32a/cwolfe/mc>tar -zcvf mc.tar.gz *sh *tcl
I assume you're starting with a MadGraph file called name.dat, you know how many events you have in it (a tail -n 20 name.dat will likely give you that), and you have a logs/ directory created in your working directory.

Now, all you have to do is:

ln -s ~levys/rel-dirs/pev_to_hepg_4.9.1hpt3/bin/Linux2-KCC_4_0/LesHouchesModule_test .
mc.tcsh name nevts

Sit back and wait, and eventually you'll have 4.9.1hpt3 hepg files called name_rs*.gen where * is a number (name.dat is broken up into chunks of 2500 events), 4.9.1hpt3 simulation files called name_sim*.root, where * is the same number, a 4.9.1hpt3 production files called name_prod.root, where we've combined all the simulation files into one production file, and a 4.11.2 ntuple called name_ucnt.root. You should also have log files in logs/name_sim*.log, etc.

So, that's pretty much it. As a reference, here are Steve's instructions on making HEPG from MadGraph. The files in the .tar.gz file are the same as in Steve's instructions, except for which I've modified slightly to work when nevts < 2500.

Pretty simple, huh?

collin wolfe
Last modified: Tue Feb 3 17:07:48 CST 2004