Running Herwig 6.2

The default version of Herwig on fcdfsgi2 is Herwig 5.6, however, Jeremy Lys (Berkeley) is now doing the work of putting in the repository the needed interface for Herwig 6.2. For now, you can compile Herwig 6.2 by following the directions below. This works on fcdfsgi2. I haven't tried it on other machines.

More general information on Herwig (physics assumptions, source code, improvements between versions, etc.) can be found at the Herwig Home Page.

setup cdfsoft2 development [can check by env | grep gnt]
setup herwig v6_202 [check with env | grep herwig]
newrel -t development yourfavoritedirectory
cd yourfavoritedirectory
addpkg -h herwig_i
addpkg -h generatorMods
cd herwig_i
cp HerwigInterface.F .
cp herwig_common_block_address.F .
cp .
cp herwig62.hh .
cp .
cp .
cd dummies
cp hwrgen.F .
cd ..
cd ..
cd generatorMods
cp .
cp HerwigModule.hh .
cd ..
gmake herwig_i.lib
gmake generatorMods.lib
gmake herwig_i.bin

As a test, you might try to run this file:
herwig_test2.tcl .

herwig_test.exe < herwig_test2.tcl > herwig_test2.log2

CDF specific questions about Herwig 6.2 should be addressed to: Jeremy Lys.

Last modified: June 19, 2001 by Kara Hoffman

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