How to make a generator HEPG file (*.gen) from a *.PEV file (CompHep LesHouches output)

To make a generator file *.gen from a *.PEV file (e.g. CompHep file) follow these simple steps. I used the tcsh shell to do this.
  • setenv USESHLIBS 1
  • source ~cdfsoft/cdf2.cshrc
  • setup cdfsoft2 4.11.1
  • newrel -t $BFCURRENT wzgamma
  • cd wzgamma
  • addpkg generatorMods
    Then remove "-lpythia_services" at the line 10 in the ./generatorMods/test/GNUmakefile:
  • override LOADLIBES += $(LUND_DIR)/lib/liblund.a -lLesHouches

  • Then create a cdfGen executable:
  • gmake

  • Run cdfGen with your tcl file:
  • cdfGen run_LesHouches.tcl

  • I've made two simple scripts to create gen files(see the examples below):
    Please modify them in a way you like.

    ./ Zeegamma_events.PEV 5
    1st argument is a filename, 2nd - number of events to process.
  • The total event number is written at the top of a *.PEV file.

  • So the script takes Zeegamma_events.PEV from the input directory $MY_INPUTDIR (/cdf/scratch/frisch/) and puts the output file(gen file!)to the output directory $MY_OUTPUTDIR(/cdf/scratch/loginov/).

    5 events are processed.
    The name of the gen file(output file) in our example will be Zeegamma_events.gen, i.e. "PEV" changes to "gen".

    Different variables(like input/output locations) are defined in the

    To run on the several files you may use as an example.

    Questions, suggestion, comments, abuse direct to Andrei Loginov