How to make a generator HEPG file (*.gen)
from a MadGraph file (*.dat) with helicity information

To make a generator file *.gen from a MadGraph file (*.dat) that
contains helicity information, follow these steps (assuming that the
user's home directory is /cdf/home/user):

  • /cdf/home/user> mkdir runDir
  • /cdf/home/user> cd runDir
  • /cdf/home/user/runDir> source ~cdfsoft/cdf2.cshrc
  • /cdf/home/user/runDir> setup cdfsoft2 4.9.1hpt3
  • /cdf/home/user/runDir> ln -s ~levys/rel-dirs/pev_to_hepg_4.9.1hpt3/bin/Linux2-KCC_4_0/LesHouchesModule_test .
  • /cdf/home/user/runDir> ln -s ~levys/rel-dirs/pev_to_hepg_4.9.1hpt3/run_LesHouches.tcl .
  • /cdf/home/user/runDir> cp -v ~levys/rel-dirs/pev_to_hepg_4.9.1hpt3/ .
  • /cdf/home/user/runDir> cp -v ~levys/rel-dirs/pev_to_hepg_4.9.1hpt3/ .
  • /cdf/home/user/runDir> ./ [filename] [Nevents]

    [filename] = name of MadGraph (*.dat) generator file with spin information
    [Nevents] = number of events to run
    Note that if the script is run without arguments, it
    will print out help information. The script contains
    additional usage information at the beginning that should be read.
    The user must change the variable OUTDIR at the top of the script so
    that it is set to the relevant output directory. Also, the script
    expects that the name of the input file will be of the form *.dat,
    where * is a wildcard that can be any characters or numbers.

    Since simulation / reconstruction at CDF can only currently be run on
    HEPG files that contain a maximum of 2500 events the last line of the runs the script that divides the total
    number of events into chunks of 2500. If the user sets OUTDIR to
    /home/cdf/user/output, specifies the input file as MG_ttbar.dat, and
    specifies 8403 events to be run, the output files will be:
    where the first three files contain a total of 7500 events and the
    last file contains 903 events.

    If the user wishes to run without splitting the output files into
    chunks of 2500 events each, then the nearly last line of should be changed from
    ./ $NEVENTS

    Please send questions or comments to Stephen Levy
    Last update : September 08, 2003