How to strip out an event in ac++dump

This describes how to strip out a single event from a raw or production file using the ac++dump program, to look at the data from that event more directly.


  • I worked with cdfsoft2 version 4.0.0int5; this ought to apply more generally. If it doesn't, you were warned.
  • The statement in Nancy's ac++dump tutorial about the existence of two executables, AC++Dump and ac++dump still holds. There are two of them, and only ac++dump seems to work properly, in version 4.0.0int5 at the least. BE WARNED AND DON'T USE AC++Dump. (for now)

    Read the tutorial on using ac++dump first, and get at peace with it. This page will refer to it...

    Set up things as described in the ac++dump tutorial. You still get dropped initially into the EventDump module. Exit it to the AC++ prompt. Now, talk to the Input module, using the following options:
    AC++> module input DHInput
    AC++> talk DHInput
    DHInput> input file (input filename goes here)
    DHInput> selectEvents set run=(run no here) event=(event no here)
    AC++> exit

    To get this to dump a text file with the data for that event in it, simply talk to the EventDump module as described in the ac++dump tutorial:
    AC++> talk EventDump
    to tell output to go into a file rather than to the screen:
    EventDump> output open (output filename goes here)
    EventDump> classlist add (names of classes to be dumped)
    EventDump> banklist add (names of banks to be dumped)
    turn on statistics:
    EventDump> stat on
    EventDump> exit
    and tell ac++dump to start running the events:
    AC++> begin

    There are problems as of this writing with RCP as well as with the Puff module. ac++dump will abort and crash when it hits these problems. The current method of solution is to do the following before running:
    First line of defense: (RCP problem fix)
    AC++> useRCP set t
    Next line of defense: (Puff problem fix)
    AC++> talk PuffModule
    PuffModule> dontPuff set CdfJetColl
    PuffModule> exit

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