Everything you ever wanted to know about root is contained in the class index. This is a list of classes available to you in root. On the page for each class they list and explain the member functions and its inheridence structure.

Simple Commands

open a file TFile f("filename");
view the contents of a file;
open a subdirectory"directory name");
Get the address of the tree in a run II Stntuple file TTree *t=((TDirectory*)f.Get("StntupleMaker"))->Get("STNTUPLE");
draw a histogram with range (0,5) 2 bins valued at 3.2 and 4.4 TH1F hist("hist","my hist",2,0,5);
Project a variable in tree named h1 onto a one dimensional histogram h1.Project("HIST_NAME","VAR_NAME")
quit .q


Makes a graph of the branching ratio of the higgs boson

Makes a graph of the mass of the Z boson with a fit gaus curve. This uses a root file made from a .nt file using h2root.

Merge Root files into a single file after applying event selection cuts (MJS - 1/23/01)

Abe DeBenedetti