Debugging a Job Using GDB

This is a link to Pasha's page for degugging a root based analysis module.
  • Debugging Analysis Module
  • These instructions differ in that the ntuping scripts do not give a process Id at startup so one must find it manually. Suppose you're running stnmaker.exeon a tcl file, yourfile.tcl, and it is crashing: 1. Start emacs and type 'Alt-X gdb' followed by return. 2. Typed gdb again, (if it already appears at the prompt, hit return). 3. Type file stnmaker.exe at the gdb prompt in the emacs window. 4. Run stnmaker.exe. 5. At the AC++> prompt, type 'exec ps', to get the PID for stnmaker.exe. 6. At the gdb prompt type 'attach PID' where PID is the actual number. 7. Type continue at the gdb prompt. 8. At the AC++> prompt, type 'source yourfile.tcl'. The emacs window should then give you cryptic error messages which will further frustrate you in your attempt to find the problem.