Finding Specific Runs and Events

This just outlines a way to find what datasets a specific event is located in.

To start just open up a new terminal window.

tcsh > kinit username ----- where username is your kerberos username

tcsh > rsh -l username ----- this just logs you in at fermilab to get database accesss

tcsh > setup cdfsoft2 4.11.1

tcsh > DFCFileTool -db production_file_catalog -locate -events "[599511,599511]" -runs "[153325,153325]" | grep phys

In the previous line just fill in "599511" with the event number you want and "153325" with the run number, the '|' command pipes the output through grep which will then display a somewhat concise list of files. If you want a range of runs/events then just specifiy that in the brackets

Note - if you know the stream (the first letter) you can use that and get the single file by using something like

tcsh > DFCFileTool -db production_file_catalog -locate -events "[599511,599511]" -runs "[153325,153325]" | grep phys | grep a where 'a' is the number you're looking for. (this should work, if not let me know)

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