How to Run Edm_ObjectLister

This is a short page intended to help a novice user of the CDF Run II run the Edm_ObjectLister utility to determine what banks and storable objects exist in a particular datafile.

Edm_ObjectLister is very easy to use. First, do the ordinary setup commands to setup the cdfsoft2 software. For a frozen release, the Edm_ObjectLister utility will likely be working, but for the development version, it may often be broken.

If you wanted to dump n_events number of events in the datafile file_name:
Edm_ObjectLister -n n_events file_name
The terminal window is the standard output screen, and the output will be dumped to it.

You may want to save it to an output log file. In this case, you can type:
Edm_ObjectLister -n n_events file_name > log

To find out other optional arguments to Edm_ObjectLister and for general help:
Edm_ObjectLister --help

If you want to dump any of these banks or storable objects, you may use the ac++dump utility. Information on how to run this tool can be found here.

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