Joint INFN- University of Chicago Summer Research Experience Program

        This is a proposed exchange program for undergraduate physics majors between the  University of
  Pisa  and  the University of Chicago. The idea is to expose undergraduates to the international  aspects   of science by working closely with a research group at the overseas institution. The goal would be to fund
between 2 and 4 students for a 10-week session in Pisa this coming summer (2004).  If this works well there is interest on the Italian side in extending the program to include the humanities.

Students should be entering their 3rd or 4th year as of the summer, 2004. Some research experience is
required, as it will be too hard to learn how to function in a lab at the same time one is adjusting to a new
language, living situation, and culture.  At least 1 quarter of Italian language or equivalent is required
(all  coworkers will speak English, but  it will be very useful to have made a start on the language).

The program is not yet up and running, and we are exploring how to do it. At UC we have support from the College through Dean Boyer; we expect to have NSF funds to support the American students going  to Italy.
I am currently exploring how the application process should go, and whether we can use existing College
tools for the process of safely and effectively sending students overseas.

Instructor: H. J. Frisch
        HEP 320, 702-7479 (Please phone and not email- I cannot guarantee email will be answered).