Production Documentation for Tile Calorimeter Mother Boards

The Mother Board system for the readout of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter detector consist of 4 sections, together with a mezzanine card located on the first section. The design has been developed and tested by the ATLAS team at the University of Chicago. All sections have been through a pre-production phase and are ready for full production. The mezzanine card will be assembled in early 2001 when production quantities of the TTCrx ASIC are available. Sample quantities of this chip have been used for pre-production testing.

For the production of these boards, the University of Chicago will purchase all components and an outside vendor will be responsible for fabricating and assembling the boards with components provided by the university. Final testing will be done at the university.

The requested quantity of each board is as follows:

SectionDrawing Fabricate Assemble
1B-2310 279 271
2B-2313 270 262
3B-2316 270 262
4B-2319 270 262
Mezz.B-2428 264 256

Unassembled boards should be returned to the University of Chicago.

  1. System of four Mother Boards (pdf)

  2. Instructions to Vendor( doc, pdf)

  3. Parts list for ordering. These parts supply all 4 sections plus the mezzanine card ( xls, pdf)

  4. Schematics, PCB specifications, artwork files, component placement, centroid files, ZIP files for download.

  5. Quality Control (doc, pdf)
  6. Revision history:



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