Fabrication and Assembly Details
Motherboard Section 2

  1. PCB Specifications (B-2313v31B)
  2. Cable assembly drawing
  3. Schematics (6 sheets)
  4. Component placement drawings
  5. Component assembly list (xls)
  6. Centroid list (xls)
  7. Artwork for viewing (28 pdf pages, 14 films)
  8. PagesFilmContents
    1,21Layer1, Top component layer (Signal_1)
    3,42Layer 2, Power plane (Vcc2=+15V)
    5,63Layer 3, Power plane(Vcc=+5V) (2 oz copper)
    7,84Layer 4, Power plane (Ground) (2 oz copper)
    9,105Layer 5, Inner signal layer (Signal_3)
    11,126Layer 6, Inner signal layer (Signal_4)
    13,147Layer 7, Power Plane (Vcc=-5V)
    15,168Layer 8, Bottom component layer (Signal_2)
    17,189Top solder mask
    19,2010Bottom solder mask
    21,2211Top silkscreen
    23,2412Bottom silkscreen
    25,2613Top paste mask
    27,2814Bottom paste mask
  9. Files for download to vendor:
    • zip file 1 containing PCB specification file, schematics, component placement drawing, component assembly list, centroid list
    • zip file 2 containing PCB specification file, Gerber and text files for PCB fabrication. Includes artwork of item 6 above plus aperture table, drill files and mill files.