Fabrication Documents for TileCal Optical Interface Card

  1. Instructions to Vendor (doc, pdf)
  2. Manufacturing Specifications
  3. Schematics (10 sheets)
  4. Stack-up of Layers
  5. Artwork for Viewing as pdf File (20 sheets)
    1. Artwork_1: Top component layer (signal_1)
    2. Artwork_2: Power_2 (VCC18A)
    3. Artwork_3: Inner Signal Layer (SIGNAL_2)
    4. Artwork_4: Inner Signal Layer (SIGNAL_3)
    5. Artwork_5: Power_4 (VDD)
    6. Artwork_6: Power_1 (Ground)
    7. Artwork_7: Split power plane (AGNDA, AGNDB)
    8. Artwork_8: Split power plane (VCC30A, VCC30B)
    9. Artwork_9: Inner Signal Layer (SIGNAL_4)
    10. Artwork_10: Inner Signal Layer (SIGNAL_5)
    11. Artwork_11: Power_3 (VCC18B)
    12. Artwork_12: Bottom component layer (signal_6)
    13. Artwork_13: Top silk screen
    14. Artwork_14: Bottom silk screen
    15. Artwork_15: Top solder mask
    16. Artwork_16: Bottom solder mask
    17. Artwork_17: Top paste mask
    18. Artwork_18: Bottom paste mask
    19. Artwork_19: Drill pattern
    20. Artwork_20: Mill pattern
  6. Component placement drawings (2 sheets)
  7. Parts lists
  8. Centroid List (xls, pdf)
  9. ZIP file for manufacturing bare pcb
    • containing manuf. specs., layer stack-up, readme, Gerber files
  10. ZIP file for assembly of pcb
    • containing bill of material, assembly list, mounting diagrams, silk screens, centroid list
  11. Quality Control and Testing (doc, pdf)
  12. Revision History
RevisionDateFiles AffectedDescription
A21-Mar-02Instructions to Vendor Quantities to produce appear only in purchase order.
Terms simplified. Three items to be mounted after washing.
Bill of materialsUnused parts removed. Quantities made consistent.
B15-Apr-02Schematic, artworkCorrect for swapped TX input pins in production units.